• Georgina

    Rest to Rise with Georgina Peard

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    Slow down and be still

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    Come home to you

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    Restore your body

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    Feel vibrantly alive

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt-out? Are you physically, mentally or emotionally depleted? I invite you to slow down and pause a moment. Breathe. Take a journey within. Reconnect with your inner wisdom. Rest to Rise is a customised programme that supports you to rest deeply. It empowers you to restore your health, energy, clarity and compassion. This is your opportunity to reclaim your joy and zest for life!

Restore your body Restore your life

  • Accueil


    Workshops focus on practical tools to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, digestion, and more.

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  • Accueil


    Therapeutic massage eases out tension and supports deep healing relaxation.

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  • Accueil


    A countryside get-away to relax, let your mind switch off and your body replenish.

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